Custom View


Here you can try how the chosen painting looks on your wall


 It’s an easy five-step process:

    Step 1: Take a picture of the wall of your home, office, or any other building. Download this picture onto your computer, (my) pictures folder.

    Step 2: Download a picture of a painting of the Carmel Fine Art Gallery Website.  Again download this picture on your computer; to the (my) picture folder.

    Step 3: Add the two selected pictures (from your (my) pictures folder) to this website.

    Step 4: If desired, print the webpage with the chosen picture against your background picture.

    Step 5: To get back to the website, just hit the back bottom from the website (the back bottom is on the left         upper hand corner of any website).


If you like the result of seeing the painting of your choice displayed on your own background picture, please feel free to contact us.